LINE Bank Streamline Account Opening Process into 1 minute with Authme


Established in 2021, LINE Bank is one of the top three virtual banks in Taiwan, with over 1.3 million account openings.



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Financial Service

The Challenge

Identity verification is the starting point for any financial service, but the process can be complicated and cause friction that turns potential customers away from a brand. This presents a significant challenge for LINE Bank, which prioritizes providing convenient and safe services to its customers.

Moving all procedures and services online also requires strict security compliance to protect the enterprise and customer information. Moreover, if the financial services involve higher levels of risk, stricter identity verification becomes necessary. In Taiwan, for instance, users must pass the highest security level to acquire a higher transfer limit for their digital banking accounts. However, the complicated procedure of inserting the Citizen Digital Certificate into a card reader and connecting it to a computer for verification often leads to applicant abandonment.

The Solution

To address these challenges, LINE Bank has turned to Authme NFC proprietary technology. This technology allows users to directly tap their Citizen Digital Certificate with their NFC-enabled mobile phone to upgrade their financial accounts and increase their transfer upper limit within a minute. For the institution, the technology enables them to acquire 100% authentic personal information by reading a security chip and unlocking a digital signature. As for the customer, they no longer have to go through the hassle of preparing card readers and can enjoy a seamless financial experience.

The Result

  • 1 minute account opening completed

With the Authme eKYC solution, account opening at LINE Bank is now a breeze. The eKYC solution makes the verification process seamless and fast, with only one minute required to complete the account opening process. LINE Bank has made it possible for their customers to open accounts quickly, efficiently, and without hassle.

  • 95% of manual work reduced

Authme helps coordinate all identity verifying history in one platform, allowing the employees to manage customers’ information with ease and reducing the need for manual work by 95%. This means that employees can focus on their core business operations and serve its customers better, leading to improved productivity and efficiency!

  • 100% compliant stayed

Authme is ISO 27001/27701 certified, ensuring the security of data storage and transmission. Additionally, the solution meets ISO 29115 authentication assurance framework and GDPR, ensuring compliance with the highest principles worldwide. LINE Bank customers can rest assured that their information is secure, and their data protection rights are upheld.



During the cooperation with Authme, we are amazed by the flexibility and innovation of their solution. We view Authme as our external R&D department, and expect to create a better financial experience together.

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