About Authme

Authme was founded in 2019 to solve the authentication difficulties of digital identity. The story begins with two co-founders, Andy and Dalton, both white hat hackers. While establishing a crypto exchange in 2016, they had found significant pain points in verification, including a complicated onboarding process and low-security level of the account. Therefore, they decided to start Authme.

The founders participated in many digital identity policy discussions in the first few years. Also, they worked with the political commissar to solve the government service’s loopholes. With their enthusiasm and industry-leading technology, Authme has received recognition from government ministries and gained financial institutions’ trust over the past two years.

Identity verification is the foundation before entering digital services. Authme hopes to increase the accessibility of digital services through convenient and efficient solutions that enable people to enjoy digital life and benefits equally. Furthermore, to protect identity privacy with our advanced technology and block identity fraud attacks from the source.
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Our Mission

Protect user privacy through the zero
trust framework
Implement identity protection through
anti-fraud technology
Increase the accessibility of
digital services

Our Culture

Flat and transparent

There is no traditional hierarchy in the organization. Members can communicate openly and transparently, ensuring smooth operational processes.

Knowledge sharing

Team members are willing to share knowledge and learn from each other so that we can avoid the same mistakes and improve work efficiency.


Trust is the foundation of identity verification. Authme upholds the principle of integrity and will ensure that members implement it at work

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