Financial Service

Safeguard for Your Customer with Authme
Financial institutions are usually prime targets for identity theft. These risks are ever-present and constantly evolving, making it crucial for financial institutions to verify the identity of their users at the beginning to ensure security and safety.

How Authme Can Help?

Streamline Remote Onboarding

Simplify the new account application process into three simple steps, creating a seamless onboarding experience and reducing the time and expenses associated with onboarding new customers.

Prevent High-risk Transactions

Authme’s patented NFC data reading technology allows financial institutions to acquire 100% authentic personal information when users apply to upgrade their financial accounts to a higher level, providing the highest levels of digital assurance.

Strengthen Fraud Prevention

Detect fraudulent activities through Authme’s AI-based anti-spoofing technology and liveness detection engine, helping financial institutions prevent account takeover and other sophisticated attacks.

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