eKYC Solution

Powered by AI and machine learning, Authme eKYC solution streamlines KYC process into 3 simple steps, detects Deepfake attacks and prevents identity theft to enhance security. Enterprises will no longer suffer from high operation costs with implementing the solution.

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Optimize Onboarding Process

Automated identity verification provides seamless onboarding experience within seconds.

Defend against fraud

AI-powered fraud detection spots Deepfake attacks to knock out identity theft effectively.

Stay 100% compliant

Meet ISO 29115 authentication assurance framework to ensure following the highest data protection principle.

Three Steps, Fast Access

Scan Your ID
Extract data from ID card or documents with OCR and execute fraud check for document verification
Read Your ID
Read ID card and unlock its security chip to verify and retrieved data with NFC feature
Scan Your Face
Proceed face comparison and liveness detection to verify the true identity

Industry-leading Verification Technology

Document Verification


Automatically extract information of ID card and documents to speed up your paperwork while reduce labor costs.

ID Fraud Detection

Utilizing computer vision technology to detect ID card security features and provides real-time results of the card authenticity.

NFC Data Reading

Using mobile NFC to replace card reader for unlocking security chip and digital signature.

Biometric Authentication

Facial Recognition

Verifying if the user‘s face in the process matches the one shown in the ID documents.

Liveness Detection

Utilizing machine learning to establish active and passive liveness detection engine that determines whether the face is real and further defend advanced identity fraud attacks such as Deepfake.

Customer Data Management

Authme eKYC solution offers a one-stop management platform for enterprises to get real-time results, keep track and manage all customers’ data.

Account Opening

Account opening process represents the first critical impression for customers. With Authme eKYC solution, enterprises can quickly adapt the end-to-end verification software, optimize efficiency of digital service and operation, and further enhance enterprise’s and user’s security to win customers’ hearts.

Quick & Easy Integration

Integrate Authme’s mobile SDK is more easy than you can imagine! Start now to set up your user flow and enjoy convenient verification journey with Authme.