AuthMe can help you with your current KYC issues

Our patented technology can independently or partially verify authenticity of data.

All data can be verified through NPK with digital signature, without manual review.

Because data already verified with digital signature, application can be approved instantly.

Through biometric passport or e-ID, our system will retrieve data directly, and conduct facial recognition and liveness detection, to detect if the applicant is ID holder.

All personal detail are retrieved through scanning and NFC. Users do not need to fill out forms themselves.


At your Service

Aside from entire solution package, AuthMe provides separated authentication process according to clients’ request. We also provide API, SDK for clients with flexibility. Android/ iOS supported.


Accurate and fast recognition engine, can even identify photos 10 years ago


Modularized SDK can verify/ read data stored in the chip

Scan ID
with OCR

Support multiple ID types, and refrain users from fill out application manually


Prevent fraudulent users using pictures or video to cheat the system

We are here to help



ID Authenticity

Can only verify the authenticity of data indirectly and partially

Easy Payments

High Labor Cost

Current solutions relies on manual review

Virtual Wallet

Long Wait

Manual review generally takes 20 mins or until 2 days

Virtual Wallet

Real Person Verification

Uncertain about whether the applicant is the ID holder

Virtual Wallet


Users need to fill out the long list of personal info themselves
Passport Authentication

Technical Specs

  • Applicable Countries
    1. 120+ nations (until 06/2017)
  • Applicable Devices
    1. Android with NFC
    2. iPhone 6s + (with iOS 13)
  • Communication Specs
    1. ISO/IEC 14443
    2. ICAO Doc 9303

Technical Specs

Facial Recognition

  • Key Points
    1. 106 points
  • LFW Database Review
    1. Accuracy 99.5%
    2. Speed 4ms – 20ms
Technical Specs

Passive Liveness Detection

  • Passive Liveness Detection
    1. Heartbeat Detection
    2. RGBD Detection
    3. Texture Detection
  • Dynamic Liveness Detection
    1. Randomly Assigned Action Detection

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