Let Your Customer Start Their Journey Right Away!

Starting a journey should be nothing but without hindering! By utilizing digital identity verification, the onboarding process can be optimized for a frictionless user experience, resulting in higher booking conversions.

How Authme Can Help?

Raise the Booking Rate

 With swift and robust identity verification service, Authme can help reduce drop-off rates during the onboarding process, improving customer satisfaction and maximizing the booking rate.

Build Trust with the Customers

 Verify the identity of renters, drivers, and passengers through Authme’s solutions with AI anti-spoofing technology, ensuring that every account matches the right person and preventing any fraudulent activity.

Reduce 90% Labor Cost for Business

Replace the time-consuming manual review process with an AI-supported system which combines all verifying history in one platform, allowing the employees to manage customer information without effort.

Let’s Get Started!

Our experts are glad to share more details and help revolutionize your identity verification services!