Face Matching

Just as simple as a selfie, users can prove their identity through rigorous check with face recognition and liveness detection engine, while improving account’s security in the meantime.

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Simple Checks, Safer Accounts

Industry-leading Verification Technology

Protection Against Spoofing Attacks

Emerging AI technology such as Deepfake poses huge challenge to face recognition. Authme face matching enables precise live detection to combat identity fraud powered by AI engine.

Printed Photos

Video Replay

3D Masks

Deepfake & Lookalike Technology

Use Case

Authme Face Matching can support digital services in different scenario in order to enhance identity security.

KYC and FinTech

Access Control

Fraud Detection

Customer Onboarding

Three Steps,
Strong Security

Step 1
Scan Your Face

Step 2
Open Your Mouth

Step 3
Verification Success

Quick & Easy Integration

Integrate Authme’s mobile SDK is more easy than you can imagine! Start now to set up your user flow and enjoy convenient verification journey with Authme.

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