ID Verification

Defending identity fraud from the first step, in real time. Authme enables real-time ID verification, ensure the security of enterprises’ and customers’ information.

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What is ID Verification?

Three Steps, Strong Security


Users switch identity document to different angles for detecting its authenticity.


Users scan ID photo to get the best image quality with mobile phone and webcam.


Data is automatically extracted and fill-in to respective columns right after the scan.

The cutting-edge verifying technology

ID Fraud Detection

Authme’s innovative AI algorithm detects the reflection of security features to instantly verify whether the identity document is genuine or fraudulent.

OCR Technology

Authme’s technology performs information extracting with over 99.9% accuracy rate.

Documents We Verify

Authme supports multiple identity document types and our technologies can be expanded with more training data based on federated learning.

ID Card


Health ID Card

Driver License

Use Cases

Account Opening

KYC Compliance

Customer Onboarding

Fraud Detection

Digitalization in insurance industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation of insurance organizations, thus providing safe and simple ID verification to build trust becomes a must. With Authme ID Verification, enterprises can prevent identity fraud, safeguard customer information, and enhance onboarding services without establishing a system on their own.

Quick & Easy Integration

Integrate Authme’s mobile SDK is more easy than you can imagine! Start now to set up your user flow and enjoy convenient verification journey with Authme.

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